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"The Division"
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Bronze Sculpture
The Division by Ivan Schlutz
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Edition of 14  
36 tall x 16 wide x 15 deep  plus base

“The Division” depicts a Cheyenne, Dog Solider after the battle of Little Big Horn.  The great Cheyenne General Crazy Horse
had won an over whelming defeat over General Custer’s 7th Calvary yet, this victorious day was short lived. The Native
Americans knew that the Great Plains Nation had come to an end.
With-in hours of the battle thousands of Native Americans left their homelands in searched for refuge from the impeding United
State armies. Some fled to Canada and others into the darkness of the Rocky Mountains.
It took less than one year for all hope to be lost. Life as they had known it had been lost.  The once great, proud and honorable
warriors and chiefs were disgraced with life on the reservation.

Crazy Horse, a great warrior and general, was murdered after the terms for his surrender fell short of what had been agreed
upon. No one knows what was planned to be done to Crazy Horse, except for that he was to be placed in jail.  Who knows what
else was planned for him.  When Crazy Horse saw that he was being walked toward a jail, he stopped and refused to move, at
which point he was stabbed in the back.  He died that night with his dear friend Touch the Clouds.

The last hope would follow, come winter when a group of Sioux, mostly women, children and older men, started a new religious
ceremony called the Ghost Dance.  The Ghost Dance came from a vision that Wallhouka, a Piute, had.  His vision showed that
the buffalo would come back, the grass would grow tall again, and the white man would be gone forever.  This sliver of hope
made the U.S. Government nervous and the U.S. wanted it to end.  On the cold day at Wounded Knee on December 29th 1890
as the army gathered together weapons, a shot was fired by a deaf Native American during a struggle for an old rifle.  When the
shot fired the army unleashed 3 companies of men, rifles and Gatling guns.  With-in moments all were dead, some say this
massacre was revenge of the Little Big Horn.
This sculpture does not show any one person but the whole Great Plains Nation as a whole.  It shows the once proud and
powerful Dog Solider with the look of emptiness as all is now gone as he now knows the end has come.  According to the US
Army records, there were no Dog Soldiers left after about 1860.  I believe this not correct.  I wanted to use the Dog Soldier at he
was the elite of all warriors.
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