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"Ghost Shirt"
“Ghost Shirt"
Edition of 30
21” tall x 16” wide x 10” deep    plus base

The Ghost Dance was the last hope of the plain tribes to recover their traditional
ways of life.  The Ghost Dance came from a vision that Wallhouka, a Piute, had.  His
vision showed that the buffalo would come back, the grass would grow tall again, the
stars would be bright again and the white man would be gone forever.  This sliver of
hope made the U.S. Government nervous and the U.S. wanted it to end.  On the cold day of
December 29, 1890, on the Wounded Knee Creek, the army started to gather any
weapons the Indians had. A shot was fired by a deaf Native American not understanding what
was happening in a struggle for his old hunting rifle.  When the shot fired the army
unleashed with 3 companies of men, rifles, canons and Gatling guns.  With-in moments all
were dead. Some say this massacre was revenge for the Little Big Horn. The sculpture shows a shirt type
that would have been worn during a Ghost Dance. The shirt has long green fringe which would have
represented the long grass which was predicted to grow again, and a sun
of which was to bring a new beginning.
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Ghost Shirt by Ivan Schlutz
Bronze Sculpture
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