of Ivan Schlutz
         Who is Ivan Schlutz?

Ivan Schlutz is a traditional sculptor of bronze art.  He has been noted as
a top sculptor of Native American art by Art of the West magazine.  His
sculptures have received the Award of Honorable Mention from the
Plains Artists national competition as well as People’s Choice Award in
Colorado competitions.  His sculpture The Spirit Seeker was purchased
for the City of Loveland from hundreds of sculptures submitted at the
Loveland Invitational Sculpture Show in Loveland, Colorado.  
This show is one of the largest bronze art show representing the finest

Ivan has gained invaluable knowledge and skills from his close friend
and mentor  
Fritz White (Cowboy Artist’s Association). Ivan started
working with Fritz in 1995 and continued until his passing.  

Collectors in Europe, Canada and across the US have sought Ivan’s
work.  The quality of his work is always his first concern.  His goal is to
capture history in the form of art that is technically excellent.  Although
Ivan’s artwork has gained considerable recognition, even more
important is Ivan’s personal story of how he became an artist.  Ivan’s art
and life story have been featured on CBS’s The Ordinary and the
Extraordinary; TBS’s Ripple’s Believe it or Not, numerous newspapers,
magazines, and radio stations.

Working on his parent’s buffalo and horse ranch in Longmont, Colorado
Ivan learned at an early age the meaning of a hard day’s work and the
value of a dollar.  He continues to help with the ranch today and has built
an art studio and gallery there.  Ivan’s logo is the ranch brand.  He
pursued a career as a commercial pilot and was also an airplane
mechanic.  Ivan obtained his airframe and powerplant licenses from
Colorado Aerotech and then a bachelor degree in Aviation from Metro
State College in Denver.  He had his multi-engine commercial pilot’s
licenses and flew tours of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and of the Front
Range in Colorado as a commercial pilot.

It looked as though his aviation career was taking off after landing
interviews with the major airlines.  Tragically, in 1990 Ivan as involved in
and accident while repairing an aircraft engine.  A propeller struck him in
the head, crushing the left side of his skull.  After a touch-and-go surgery,
he awoke to discover that he was paralyzed on his right side and his
career as a commercial pilot gone.

Ivan’s therapists gave him some clay to work his fingers and hopefully
regain movement of his hand.  Painful daily therapy to retrain his brain to
move his limbs consumed Ivan’s life for months - which turned to years.  
Ivan was determined and progressed quickly.  He worked constantly with
the clay between his fingers and soon began to make small sculptures.  
These sculptures became an obsession and soon it was apparent that a
true talent had emerged from his tragic accident.

Ivan’s brain is easily over stimulated and he must keep his surroundings
somewhat controlled.  His inability to shutdown his mind makes it very
difficult to sleep.  When he does sleep, he often dreams of stories he
has read. Ivan is an avid history student of the West and Native
Americans.  He often has lifelike dreams of his readings.  These
powerful dreams give him visions that he ‘must’ capture in his
sculptures.  Although Ivan will deal with headaches and partial paralysis
for life, he has recovered to the point that his limitations are invisible to
most observers.  He hopes that you he will leave something behind for
all to enjoy.
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