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Ivan Schlutz
Ivan Schlutz

Edition of 15
24” tall x 18” wide x 15” deep
"The Division"
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  The Dog-Man (Dog Soldier) Society were chosen by the great Medicine Man or Great
Spirit.  The Dog Soldiers were an elite military organizations.  They were the last line of
defense for the people. And so they were greatly esteemed, some accounts show them
having more say then the chief. The warriors in this society were outfitted with a special  
sash, which trailed the ground.  In time of battle, the Dog Soldier would stake the sash
to the ground and stand there ground to the death.   When people  saw a dog soldier go
by, they would have just -- Ahhh, wow! Look at that guy, he's a dog soldier!  

This piece shows a Cheyenne Dog Man with a raven and turkey feathered headdress.
The Raven is the messenger to the heavens or Great Spirit. The turkey is very smart an
cunning bird. He also has his medicine around his neck  and shell hair piece. He would
have traded for the shell from a place far away  

I named this piece the  "The Division" as his face still noble and proud is tilted down
slightly. He knows his future is uncertain.  In my mine I show him right after the battle of
the Little Big Horn.  He is feels victorious after the defeat of the famed 7th Calvary, but
he also knows that this will be the true end to his way of life.  The Dog Men were by
witnesses account the ones who defeated Custer and his men.  

This society was also a very mystical group. One story tells of the secret or sacred site
of there camp and Ti Pi.   Before going to the camp the leader would start the scared
song. During the song people would fall a sleep and the dogs would howl.  By early
morning the Dog Men and dogs would be gone.  One time, someone went to the sacred
Ti Pi, when he came upon the camp all them men turn to dogs and disappeared.