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Ivan Schlutz
Ivan Schlutz

Bronze (shown in clay)
Edition of
New pictures of the finished piece will
be up soon
16.5" tall x 9.5" wide x 5.5" deep
dimensions include 1.5" tall  
wood or stone base
(not shown)
Open pictures below
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 "Eagle"  Is a young Boy Scout maybe out on his first hike or campout.   He is dressed in
the style of a 1940,s scout.  He has the "Boss of the Plains" on.  This was  name given to
the hat. This hat has been part of the Boy Scouts of America from day one.  

The boy is the typical 13 year old, shoe laces undone, socks falling and hat pulled down
tight on his ears.

My son and farther are both Eagle Scouts and I inscribed  their names in a sculpture for
both of them. I will also offer this option to any scout or past scout.*

Not finished in the photo would be the neckerchief and some of the fine detail work.  The
sculpture is now finished and we are now working on the photo's.  

* Please contact me for more information about this free option.
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