"Men of men"
Bronze Sculpture
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“Men of men”
Edition of 30
10" tall x 6" wide x 6" deep   plus base

The Pawnee Indians are a Native North American tribe. They often called thems
elves “chaticks-si-chaticks,” which means “men of men.”  The men were divided into three groups: the
medicine men/priests, the warriors and the hunters.  The mature women did most of the labor while the
younger women would learn the responsibilities and what was expected of them. The Pawnee Indians
practiced a religion that tried to maintain a balance between the gods and nature. To have a good crop, they
planted them according to the position of the stars, as they equated the stars with the gods. They were
known to sacrifice maize and other crops to the gods, but may have also sacrificed humans up until the mid-
eighteenth century.  Smallpox and cholera were responsible for wiping out most of the Pawnee Indians in the
19th century. By 1900, there were only 600 left.
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