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Ivan Schlutz
Ivan Schlutz
"Sacoya Cane"
Heavy Snow
The heavy snows of 1882 cover the northern plains of Montana.  Blackfeet
winter buffalo hunt is successful, with no hint that the buffalo would disappear.

A Blackfeet,equipped with snowshoes and covered with a capote (coat) is able
to  manage the huge snowdrifts.
The capote it possible weather the extreme cold and winter winds,
in pursuit of a mighty buffalo.  Although
the buffalo is almost immobilized by a huge snowdrift his strength
and spirit to survive guide him as he drives through the chest
deep snow to fight off the hunter.
The Capote was made from a wool blanket, that would have been traded for.  
The Hudson Bay trading Co. would trade blanket and other items for furs.
Edition of 19
24” tall x 20” wide
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